Introducing "Lil Hoochie," the dynamic new album from Nicholas Alexander, inspired by the legendary Linsey Alexander. Nicholas pays homage to his father's unpublished work, infusing tracks like "Dial Your Number" and "Moving to the Country" with his own flair for 60s soul and R&B. This album is a collaboration of top-tier talent from Chicago's music scene. Experience the soulful fusion of past and present in "Lil Hoochie" – a testament to the timeless power of blues and R&B. 

Drums: Melvin Carlisle

Bass: David Forte 

Guitar: Brian Lupo

Organ: Roosevelt Purifoy Jr. 

Keyboard & Gutiar: Dan Souvigny 

Horns: Derrick Tate, Ryan Nyther, and Royce Harrington-Turner 

Background Vocals & Congos: Bryant Parker 

Produced by: Connor Korte

Mixed & Mastered: Fil Kinetic

Recorded at Berwyn Recording Studios

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